Apple TV

Apple TV 4, thanks to its revolutionary functions, will change the way you watch TV.

Key features of Apple TV 4 at a glance:

The App Store offers various TV-streaming apps such as Zattoo and Teleboy. These apps let you watch TV for free. Discover all the possibilities and streaming services on the App Store.
App Store:
Now you can also download apps for Apple TV from the App Store. This will make available exciting new possiblities for your TV experience.
Rent or buy movies:
With Apple TV, the cinema will come to your living room. Browse the film library and discover every day new blockbusters or classics. If you buy movies you can take your Apple TV on holiday and have your favorite films with you.
You can easily enjoy your favorite songs, playlists or music videos from Apple Music at the touch of a button on your Apple TV.
The new Apple TV is also a game console. In the App Store there are many great games and the range is constantly growing.