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First steps

TalkTalk Prepaid – First steps

TalkTalk Prepaid – phone calls can be so easy

Thank you for choosing a TalkTalk Prepaid SIM card. From now on you can be reached and make phone calls 24/7, without minimum contract duration and monthly fees. Simply recharge your TalkTalk Prepaid SIM card and enjoy the perfect cost control.

Getting started

Put your TalkTalk Prepaid SIM card in your mobile phone. Once you’ve turned your mobile phone on you will be asked to enter your PIN code. You’ll find the PIN- as well as the PUK code below the scratch field, on the back of the SIM card holder. Please take good care of it. Now you are ready to make your first phone call.

Recharge credit

In order to make phone calls at any time, you need to make sure having enough credit on your TalkTalk Prepaid SIM card. You have several possibilities to check your available credit, and if needed, to recharge your SIM card. You can buy extra credit online at or in one of the mobilezone shops. Other points of sales, where you can buy extra credit for your TalkTalk Prepaid SIM card, are at your disposal. The actual list of all points of sales is available online at Please follow those steps to use a refill code: Dial *143* enter the 16 digit recharge code and then the # key (for example *143*1234567890123456#). Please confirm with the calling key. You’ll receive a confirmation SMS if the recharge was successful.

Check credit

To check your actual available credit please dial *147# and press the calling key. Your available credit will be shown on your mobile phone.


The Talkbox is your personal answering machine powered by TalkTalk. Your Talkbox is configured with a standard welcome message. When you call for the 1st time your Talkbox you will be asked to enter a new password, and to personalize your welcome message. The initial password is the original PIN code of your SIM card. You can reach your Talkbox by calling  41 76 333 33 33. To call your Talkbox from a fixed line, a different mobile or from abroad, please follow these steps:

Dial  4186 and enter your complete phone number, incl. prefix (for example 41860761234567)

As soon as you hear the welcome message press the * key

Now enter the password and confirm with the # key

Roaming/Calls from abroad

On vacation or on a business trip, with TalkTalk Prepaid you are always reachable, even if you are abroad. The actual valid Roaming tariffs are available online at Before your departure, please make sure that you have enough credit available on your TalkTalk Prepaid SIM card.
You can find more information about TalkTalk, as well as all functions online at or call us at 0800 300 250.

General terms and conditions

The general terms and conditions (T&Cs) are valid for all products and services provided by TalkTalk. The actual valid T&Cs are available here.


User manual as PDF file.

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