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Mobile subscriptions - FAQ

Can I keep my current phone number when signing up for TalkTalk Mobile?

Yes, you can easily keep your current mobile number when joining TalkTalk Mobile. This procedure is called number transfer or number portability. You can find more info about this here.

I have moved and would like to change my address, where can I do that?

Address changes can be done in written form or via telephone. Contact us.

I have used up my monthly amount of data, can I still continue to surf at Full Speed?

Yes, you can order a Data Booster option via SMS. The Data Booster is valid for the current billing period. Any unused data volume will expire at the end of each billing period. The Data Booster option is valid for Switzerland and the following countries: European Union, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Norway, Liechtenstein and Turkey.

I have lost my TalkTalk Mobile SIM card, how can I get a new SIM card?

I would like to suspend my TalkTalk SIM card, how should I proceed?

In order to suspend your TalkTalk SIM card, please contact us.

In which countries can I call with my TalkTalk Mobile SIM card?

You can find the countries in which Roaming is supported here.

Can I transfer my TalkTalk mobile number?


Can I sign up for TalkTalk Mobile although I do not live in Switzerland?

No, unfortunately not. You need to live in Switzerland and also have a valid identification document.

How can I cancel my TalkTalk Mobile subscription?

TalkTalk Mobile Postpaid subscriptions can be cancelled in writing. Subscriptions without a contract term can be cancelled at the end of the next month. For subscriptions with a contract term, please read the conditions for cancellation stated on your contract. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

I have a Mobile Postpaid subscription, how much does it cost to call when abroad?

You can find the Roaming prices here.

What happens after all my included minutes have been used?

Afterwards, all calls (fixed and mobile) will be charged at the standard tariff.

What identification do I need to sign up for TalkTalk Mobile?

The following documents will be accepted: Swiss ID card, Swiss passport, EU ID-Card, EU passport, residence permits B, C, L, G, N and legitimacy card.

I have a Mobile Postpaid subscription, how can I control the costs for data Roaming?

Order one of our Data Booster options or disable the function “Data Roaming” on your mobile phone/smartphone before your departure. You can find more information about this subject with your manufacturer or by reading the user’s manual of your device. The Data Booster options are valid for Switzerland and the following countries: EU, UK, USA, CAN, NOR, LI, TR. All Data roaming rates are available here.

How long does the change from another provider to TalkTalk Mobile take?

The change depends on your current contract’s conditions which you have signed with your current provider.

How much does it cost to receive SMS abroad?

The reception of SMS abroad is free.

Where can I find the prices for international calls?

The international rates for the current Mobile tariff plans can be found here.

How can I check the amount of data I have used?

To check the amount of data you have already used, simply send an SMS with BALANCE to 361 or dial *143# and confirm with the call key.

How do I know how many remaining minutes I have available to call?

Send an SMS with the text BALANCE to 361 to check your available minutes remaining.

Which Data Booster options are available?

Data Booster 500 MB for CHF 7.50. Activate: SMS with START DATA500MB to 361.
Data Booster 1 GB for CHF 12.–. Activate: SMS START DATA1GB to 361.
Data Booster 3 GB for CHF 30.–. Activate: SMS START DATA3GB to 361.
Data Booster 5 GB for CHF 45.–. Activate: SMS START DATA5GB to 361.
Data Booster 10 GB for CHF 60.–. Activate: SMS START DATA10GB to 361.
Data Booster 30 GB for CHF 70.–. Activate: SMS START DATA30GB to 361.

The Data Booster packages are valid for the current billing period. Unused data volume expires at the end of each billing period. Only valid for Mobile customers with Mobile S, M, L, Mobile S2, M2, L2, Mobile 3, Mobile à la carte, Mobile à la carte Plus, Mobile 5, Mobile 5 Plus, Swiss select, Swiss all-in, Swiss & Travel, Swiss & Travel Plus, TalkTalk 20, Swiss, à la carte Surf, à la carte 30 GB, EU & US, EU & US Unlimited, Swiss Unlimitied,  and TalkTalk Unlimited. The Data Booster options are valid for Switzerland and the following countries: EU, UK Liechtenstein, Norway, USA, Canada and Turkey.

Where do I have coverage with TalkTalk Mobile?

With TalkTalk mobile you can call and surf on the Sunrise network. In Switzerland, Sunrise operates a nationwide 4G network in Switzerland (over 95% coverage) and provides 99.9% of the population with the best voice and Internet connections

I have Mobile S2, M2 or L2, how long are the inclusive units valid?

The inclusive units are valid for 2 months.

I have Mobile S2, M2 or L2, how often do I receive an invoice?

You will receive an invoice every 2 months.

If you have more products on the same customer account, you will also receive an invoice every 2 months.

What is the advantage of Mobile S2, M2 and L2 compared to S, M and L?

With the new tariff plans you receive your invoice only every 2 months. As a bonus, you receive 25% more inclusive units, which are available to you over the entire billing period of 2 months.

I have Mobile S2, M2 or L2, when can I cancel my contract?

You may cancel at any time in writing for the end of the next billing period. Please note that these tariff plans are based on a billing period of 2 months. Here is an example: On November 15, you cancel your contract. Your current billing period is valid until the end of November. This means you can cancel as of 31st of January, since your billing period is over 2 months.

Recently I’ve signed up for TalkTalk, why do I get a bill only a few days after my subscription?

The subscription fee will be charged right after the activation of the SIM card and will occur at the beginning of each billing period. Chargeable communications incurred during the current billing period will appear on the next invoice.

Verification of your identity

Swiss law (SPTA) requires all telecommunications providers to identify their customers.
After completing the online sign-up, you will receive a confirmation of your payment via email and a link to go trough the online verification process.
To confirm your identity, you must have your ID ready and make sure you have a camera on your phone for the facial recognition check.
Before clicking on the link, please ensure you have a good network connection and that you are in a well lit, quiet place.
You can find more detailed information here.

What payment methods are accepted? (Online sign-up)

The payment methods accepted are as follows:
– Visa*
– Mastercard*
– American Express*
– PostFinance Card
– PostFinance eFinance
– PayPal
* From the following countries: Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France and Italy.

Where do I get my customer number from?

You have two ways to find your TalkTalk customer number.
Have a look on the first page of your TalkTalk invoice.
If you have a TalkTalk mobile number, simply send an SMS with the text CUSTOMERID to 361. You will receive an SMS with your customer number.

Which platforms are no longer supported by WhatsApp?

The following platforms are no longer supported by WhatsApp: BlackBerry, BlackBerry 10, Nokia S40, Nokia Symbian S60, Android 2.1, Android 2.2, Windows Phone 7.1, Windows Phone 8.0 and iPhone 3GS / iOS 6.

I have a Mobile à la carte/ Mobile à la carte Plus subscription, how am I billed?

The monthly subscription fee will be charged right after the activation of the SIM card. If you sign up during an ongoing period, the fee will be charged on a prorated basis. The subscription fee will be charged in advance respectively at the beginning of the billing period. Chargable communications incurred during the current billing period will appear on the next invoice. Please note, that we will send you the monthly invoice only if you have reached the minimum invoice amount of CHF 40.– or after 4 months.

I have a Mobile à la carte subscription, how can I control the cost of data usage?

We will automatically inform you about the costs of the monthly data consumption by SMS in CHF 15.– steps. Thus you always keep an eye on your data consumption and the resulting costs.

Why am I being charged several times for one SMS (sent same day, same time)?

The SMS sending service allows you to send SMS with alphanumeric characters. A SMS has a maximum size of 160 characters. If the message exceeds 160 characters, it is divided into several SMS of 160 characters each.

Example: A message with 200 characters = 1 message with 160 characters 1 message with 40 characters = 2 messages.

Important: Special characters or emoticons (emojis) need more space. For example, if you add an emoticon, you only have a maximum of 70 characters to write the rest of your message.

You will find below a list of characters that allow you to stay below 160 characters:

#¤%&()* ,-./:;<>=§$!?£¿¡@¥

As an alternative, we recommend that you send messages via WhatsApp.

Can I transform my TalkTalk Postpaid subscription to a TalkTalk Prepaid?

No, unfortunately it is not possible to change from a TalkTalk subscription (Postpaid) to TalkTalk Prepaid.However, we offer the Mobile à la carte tariff. Mobile à la carte only costs CHF 1.95/month and you only pay for what you use. More information can be found here.

How do I activate Visual Voicemail for iPhone?

To activate Visual Voicemail on your iPhone, send “VVM on” to the short number 935 and send “VVM off” to 935 to deactivate it.

You will receive a confirmation SMS when switching on and off.

As soon as the service is activated, click on the answering machine icon. You can see all voice messages left on the screen of your mobile phone.

Besides, you can:

– listen to your messages in the order you want,

– see the names of the callers who have left a message on your Talkbox,

– view the list of all messages on your Talkbox,

– call back the callers,

– save the messages on your phone.

What does the 2G shutdown mean for me?

If you are a TalkTalk customer and you are still using a 2G device or a 2G SIM card (or both), you need to switch to 3G or 4G as soon as possible. Otherwise, you’ll no longer be able to make or receive calls, including emergency calls, or send and receive text messages.

You must therefore quickly change your mobile phone (and/or SIM card) in order to remain reachable.

Please contact our customer service for more information.

How do I know if I’m using a 2G device and/or a 2G SIM card?

Turn on your mobile phone and check the symbols on the screen. If you see an “E”, “EDGE”, or “GPRS” symbol, your are probaly using a 2G SIM card in a 3G or 4G device.

If you can’t see any of these symbols, you’re probably still using a 2G mobile phone.

If you have any questions about this subject, please contact our customer service.

I have a mobile subscription and a mobile phone from TalkTalk, when can I cancel?

If you have a mobile phone financing, the financing is tied to a mobile subscription. You can pay off the mobile phone at any time and then terminate the mobile subscription according to the cancellation terms of your contract.

If you have purchased your mobile phone at a reduced rate, special cancellation terms apply. Please check your contract or contact us directly.

I forgot my password to log in to myTalkTalk. How can I access my account?

You can reset your password here. You need to enter your e-mail address. You will receive a new password on your e-mail account. If the problem persist, please contact our customer service.

How can I do a payment in advance?

You can do a payment in advance in your TalkTalk customer account under bill details, via Credit Card, PostFinance Card, PayPal or TWINT. If you do not have a myTalkTalk account yet, you can sign up here.

How can I stop having charges for SMS FaceTime registration?

If you don’t want to be charged for these SMS, you can turn off FaceTime on your iPhone. If you want to turn it off entirely:

1. Launch the settings app from your home screen;

2. Tap on Facetime;

3. Tap the switch next to FaceTime to turn it off.

When and at which number can I reach the TalkTalk hotline?

TalkTalk hotline answers your questions from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 18:00. Hotline number: 0800 300 250. From abroad: 41 41 560 69 02.

I have a mobile abo, how many mobile phones can I finance?

Per mobile subscription, one mobile phone can be paid in installments without interest and fees.

Which network does TalkTalk use?

TalkTalk is using the Sunrise network.

How can I receive my invoices?

There are several ways to receive your invoices. Information about this topic can be found here.

I am a Mobile Postpaid customer, how can I enable or disable Roaming?

You can manage your roaming settings in your myTalkTalk account. If you do not already have a myTalkTalk account, you can sign up here. You also have the option to disable roaming via SMS by sending the desired keyword via SMS to the number 361:

Roaming (calls, SMS and data):

Data Roaming (data only):

I signed up for Mobile Postpaid and ported my phone number to TalkTalk, when will the SIM card be activated?

The activation date depends on your current provider and will be confirmed in writing by TalkTalk after your sign up. On the day of porting, your TalkTalk SIM card will automatically be activated.

How can I pay my invoices?

There are several ways to pay your bills. Information about this topic can be found here.

Can I receive my invoice by e-mail?

Yes, you can receive your invoices by e-mail. Log in to your myTalkTalk customer account to sign up for this service. If you do not have a myTalkTalk account yet, you can sign up here.

I paid my outstanding invoices, when will my line be reconnected?

Please note that your invoices will only be considered paid once the funds have arrive at TalkTalk’s bank account and attributed to your account. Only then your line will be reconnected. More information about the payments can be found here.

Where can I view my previous invoices?

You can access your invoices in your myTalkTalk customer account. In addition, myTalkTalk allows you to pay outstanding invoices online. If you do not have a myTalkTalk customer account, you can sign up here.

Where can I change my e-mail address?

You can change your e-mail address at any time in your myTalkTalk customer account. If you do not have a myTalkTalk account yet, you can sign up here.

I have paid my invoice, will I receive a confirmation?

You can sign up for confirmation by e-mail or SMS. After successful registration you will receive a confirmation as soon as the payment has been received by TalkTalk. The sign up can be done via your myTalkTalk customer account. If you do not have a myTalkTalk account yet, you can sign up here.

Why is a “FaceTime Registration” SMS, sent to an international number with the prefix 44, on my invoice?

FaceTime is an Apple application preinstalled on each iPhone. The application allows you to make video or audio calls using WiFi or mobile data. To configure and activate the service, an SMS is automatically sent by the iPhone to Apple’s servers (the SMS is sent to a number in England and is not visible to the consumer). International SMS, are billed at CHF 0.15 per SMS. As the activation is done each time you put the SIM card in the device, you may be charged for sending this SMS each time you insert your TalkTalk SIM card again in your iPhone.

I entered my PIN code incorrectly several times, how can I unblock it?

You need the PUK code to unblock it. The PUK can be found on the back of your SIM card holder. If you no longer have the SIM card holder, please contact us.

Are SMS sent to the number 361 charged?

No, SMS sent to the number 361 are free of charge.

Can I suspend my SIM card/subscription for a certain amount of time?

Yes, you can suspend your Mobile Postpaid subscription for a period of maximum 6 months. During this period, your SIM card will be blocked and you will not receive any invoices from us.

Suspending is only possible for Mobile Postpaid customers who have no ongoing mobile phone financing. During the suspension, the contract can not be terminated. For the suspension you will be charged a one-time fee of CHF 15.–.

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