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Number transfer Postpaid

If you opt for TalkTalk Mobile, you can keep your phone number. In order to port your phone number, we need the signed porting form (power of attorney for number transfer). Please note that the porting will trigger the termination of your current contract. You do not need to take additional steps.

What do you need to consider?

The name on the porting form must be identical to the name of the phone number holder at the current provider.

How would you like to cancel the existing contract? Do you want to comply with the contract term from your current provider or do you want to cancel by a specific date? Please note that the current provider may charge you fees if you do not comply with the contract terms. Portings take at least 6 business days, please consider this term when you choose your porting date. Portings take only place on business days. You cannot schedule a porting on a weekend or business holiday.

Is your existing number a Prepaid number? If so, please send an SMS with the text YES to 499. This SMS needs to be sent, to make the porting of your number possible.

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