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TalkTalk IP Call app - FAQ

Do I need to be a TalkTalk customer to use the app?

Yes, when signing up for the app, you must be an active TalkTalk Mobile Postpaid customer.

I have a TalkTalk Mobile Prepaid number, can I use the app?

Unfortunately not, the TalkTalk IP Call app is currently only valid for TalkTalk Mobile Postpaid customers.

Can I use the app abroad?

Yes, the app works wherever you are connected to the Internet. In foreign countries, we advise you to use the WiFi from your hotel or apartment. If you use the app with the cellular data network (3G/4G), the Roaming costs can be high. We recommend to disable data Roaming abroad on your mobile phone.

How to activate the app?

To get the QR code for activation, you must be a TalkTalk Mobile Postpaid customer and have a myTalkTalk customer login. Here you can request your customer login if you do not have one. In myTalkTalk, you can apply for the QR code under the section “IP Call app”. Once you have the QR code, open the TalkTalk IP Call app on your smartphone and click the QR code icon to scan the code.

How much data does the app use on a call per minute?

The app consumes ca. 1.5 MB per minute. The data volume may differ and depends on the device.

Can I use the app on multiple devices?

No, the app can only be used on one smartphone.

Which tariffs apply when I make calls with the app?

Outgoing calls are billed according to your current tariff plan.

Can I continue to use the app after the contract has been cancelled?

Yes, you have the possibility to continue to use the app after cancellation. These tariffs are then valid. The usage must be confirmed by SMS. We also ask you to inform us of any address changes.

Can I use the app to make emergency calls?

The app will handle emergency calls over the standard GSM network to ensure that emergency calls are made as best as possible.

Can I use the app to call premium numbers?

No, premium numbers cannot be called via the app.

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