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General conditions VoIP

Benefits of TalkTalk VoIP 

VoIP allows customers to make calls over the Internet. The current prices of TalkTalk VoIP products can be found on TalkTalk reserves the right to change the contents and prices of products conform at all times. These changes can be done without entering into correspondence.

The service can be used with a telephone or via a mobile app or computer.

Customer responsibilities

To use the service, the customer must have Internet access. The customer can either apply for a new number with the desired prefix or transfer an existing telephone number. Swiss telephone numbers are reserved exclusively for users with verifiable domicile in Switzerland. The customer is responsible for the acquisition, implementation, functionality, maintenance and legal compliance for the use of connections required by VoIP (eg. Internet etc.).

The customer is responsible for installing the hardware. TalkTalk offers a telephone or written support for questions regarding installation.

Important information

TalkTalk cannot guarantee the correct operation without interruption telephony via Internet. The VoIP service (VoIP = Voice over Internet Protocol) is transmitted through the Internet. It can therefore experience interruptions such as blackouts. This can result in data packets being lost or transferred out of time. The customer is therefore responsible for taking all necessary precautions in order not to affect the quality of VoIP telephony negatively by eg. surfing the Internet, downloading etc.

The customer guarantees that all personal data that have been entered during registration are correct and complete.

The customer is obliged when registering to supply the correct address (used by VoIP) and report any change of address in writing without delay to TalkTalk. This information is mandatory for emergency calls.

VoIP services are mobile (nomadic) services that can be used from a different address.

The data specified by the customer on the VoIP application form address is used for the transmission of emergency calls to the appropriate emergency response agencies (112, 117, 118, etc.). In case of a change of address (eg. relocation) the new address will be used for emergency calls. For technical reasons these emergency calls can only be guaranteed if the calls are made from the specified address. If the user makes an emergency call from a different address, it is recommended to use another means of communication. For example a mobile phone or a landline which is not running over VoIP.

Users of the VoIP app are advised to close the app and to make an emergency call directly from the mobile operator and not via the VoIP app.

TalkTalk cannot be held responsible in case of non transmission of incorrect information during calls to emergency numbers, especially in the event that emergency calls cannot be made via the mobile operator due to technical reasons or the geographical situation of the user.

The customer is solely responsible for the expenditure incurred by VoIP calls. All calls will be charged according to the tariff plan provisions.

The customer agrees to use the service in a standard, private setting. He agrees furthermore not to use the service for fraudulent purposes. The service cannot be used as a telephone switchboard or for telemarketing under any circumstances. TalkTalk reserves the right to take measures, if this is not adhered to.

The contract shall enter into force upon signature of the customer and after checking by TalkTalk.

TalkTalk reserves the right to refuse requests for contracts from potential customers.


The contract is for a fixed period and can only be cancelled before the cancellation period expires.

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