TalkTalk Friends

TalkTalk Friends

Your recommendation is worth money!

1. Recommend TalkTalk to a friend

2. Your friend registers online

3. You both receive CHF 20.– 

This is how it works

1. Tell your friends that they need to enter your mobile number when registering online.

2. As soon as we have received and successfully checked the documents, the SIM card will be activated.

3. The CHF 20.- will be credited to your friend's and your bill after 3 months.

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Who can participate?

TalkTalk customers with a mobile subscription (Customers without a contract duration and Business customers are excluded from this offer). Limited to a maximum of 3 referrals (credits) per customer. Both customers must have an offer with a commitment of 24 months and a monthly basic fee of at least CHF 15.

Registration for TalkTalk Friends must take place directly during online registration and cannot be entered subsequently.

Who can I send a recommendation to?

You may send a recommendation to anyone over 18, as well as former TalkTalk customers.

Which subscriptions are available to my friends?

Your friends must take out a TalkTalk Mobile subscription with a minimum contract term of 24 months. 

How can my friends register?

Your friends must register online via our website and provide your TalkTalk mobile number during the registration process.

How do I get my bonus?

The CHF 20.– will be credited to your and your friend's TalkTalk bills. This amount will be credited as long as there are no other outstanding bills. We reserve the right to check the authenticity of the registration and reject it in the event of misuse. Credit will only be given after the first 3 months have elapsed. The credit expires upon cancellation. No payout possible.

Can I send a recommendation to several friends?

Yes. For each recommended friend, you will receive a credit of CHF 20.–. If you register several friends with TalkTalk in the same month, you will only receive one credit of CHF 20.–. The remaining amounts will be shown on the bills of the respective months to follow.