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How can I receive and pay my invoices? 

There are several ways to receive and pay your invoices, online or offline. Please find more information here.

What service charges is TalkTalk entitled to charge me?

TalkTalk is entitled to charge for the price of SIM card, paper invoices, etc. Please find a list with all service charges here.

What are value-added services?

Value-added services are premium rate numbers, premium SMS and MMS that could lead to higher costs when used. Please find a full list and more information about value added services here.

Mobile Postpaid

  • Can I transform my TalkTalk Prepaid number to a Postpaid subscription?
  • How much does it cost to call when abroad?
  • How can I control the costs for data Roaming?
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Mobile Prepaid

  • How do I know how much TalkTalk Prepaid calling credit I’ve got?
  • How do I recharge my TalkTalk Prepaid credit?
  • How do I buy an option?
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TalkTalk IP Call app

  • Do I need to be a TalkTalk customer to use the app? 
  • I have a TalkTalk Mobile Prepaid number, can I use the app?
  • Can I use the app abroad?
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  • What Internet bandwidth do I need?
  • What phone number do I get for TalkTalk Voice?
  • Can I transfer my current landline phone number to TalkTalk Voice?
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  • Is my contract automatically renewed?
  • Are there cancellation fees in the event of early termination?
  • Where can I get the user name and password for my Internet access?
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